Волошин Юрий Александрович

Male, 33 years, born on 5 November 1986

Moscow, metro station Profsoyuznaya, willing to relocate (Saint Petersburg, Kyiv, Minsk), prepared for occasional business trips


+7 (968) 468-06-40
 Whatsapp, Telegram
 — preferred means of communication
+7 (977) 535-44-50

Unity 3D C# developer

170 000 RUB

IT, Internet, Telecom
  • Video Games Development

Employment: full time

Work schedule: flexible schedule, full day, remote working

Work experience 11 years 7 months

July 2019currently
10 months
My own code
Unity3d developer
Some code I wrote at home. Two test tasks: a tiny game and a procedural city generation: https://bitbucket.org/WingyMammoth/testtask/src/dev/ The code is not perfect, there are some bugs, hacks, unfinished an uniplemented things, but you still can make an opinion about my code and software architecture skills. For example, the city generation part is placed to separate assembly, where UnityEngine is not used at all.
June 2018July 2019
1 year 2 months
Лаборатория визуализации Сфера (SphereLab)


Seniior Unity3d developer
Developing of digital copies of oil deposits. Client side, Unity3d + C#. Develop of a new camera behaviour system, basing on Cinemachine plugin. Legacy code support and debug. Develop of new app subsystems. Develop some editor tools. Develop prototypes based on main product code: new user interfaces, new functions, in-app demo scenarios. Develop exhibition projects, includnig: - an app for 3d-table (it's a table with 3d-support screen and 3d glasses tracking) - VR apps - apps with network sync between iPad (4:3 screen) and PC (16:9) screen, where all user actions on iPad are reproduced on PC. On one of the prototyping projects I was sort of team lead of a 4 people team: - spreading tasks; - controlling that all developers have tasks and have no problems with tasks - communication with analytics, project managers and projest owners about any unclear moments.
June 2017December 2017
7 months
Eon Games


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Unity3d developer
Client-side features development: - android platform integration, including ads and facebook implementation; - visual, UI; - user experience (authorization); - meta-gameplay features; - bug fixing. The project is on soft launch on iOS https://itunes.apple.com/il/app/bombasters/id1245164291
July 2016December 2016
6 months
Fanatic Games


Unity3d developer
Develop shared logic code of multiplayer mobile game. From scratch. Shared logic is a core code that works both on server side and "thick" client side. It does not use UnityEngine namespace and can be compiled to a separate dll.
April 2016June 2016
3 months
io Softworks


Unity3D developer
Worked on a 3d action-strategy-rpg game, came to project from football manager. Company was closed.
November 2015June 2016
8 months
io Softworks


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Unity3d developer
Developed client side of a mobile football manager game. NGUI, refactoring, legacy code support, new features and subsystems.
February 2015May 2015
4 months
Yani Interactive


Unity3d Developer
Worked on several mobile projects, they were been developed simultaneously, and none was released. After 2 months a founder-investor got finantial problems and closed the studio.
September 2014February 2015
6 months
DedicatedLogic, проект Afterworld


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Level designer
1) Level architecture design 2) Level decoration 3) Wrote a tutorial scenario (dialogs, story) 4) Mob placing It was a stupid low-payed job, and the project was closed a week before I left the company.
May 2014August 2014
4 months


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Game designer
Design, realisation and balancing of mobs abilities and behaviours. HAven't passed the test term - to design MMO things you should understand them, and it's not easy if you don't play MMORPG.
July 2007May 2014
6 years 11 months
Nizhne-Volzhskiy Scientific and Research Institute of Agriculture

Volgograd Oblast

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research fellow
Developed some software for agriculture.

Key skills

Game Programming
Atlassian Jira
Design Patterns
Code refactoring
English language (upper-intermediate)
Code review

About me

I like games as cultural phenomena. I have a small experiende in web development: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Kohana Framework. I have good Russian language skills. Being a University student, twice I got first place in prose in Volgograde literature competition. http://www.stihi.ru/2005/09/15-1592 ================ I want to: 1) Make games that I would respect, for people who I would respect 2) Take part in developoing of creative side of games: game-design, level-design, stories and quests 3) Work on projects wrom very beginning and participate in its basics generation.

Higher education

Electronics and computing technics faculty, Automatized systems of information processing and control



EnglishC1 — Advanced

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Russia

Permission to work: Russia

Desired travel time to work: Doesn't matter