Сферы деятельности

СМИ, маркетинг, реклама, BTL, PR, дизайн, продюсирование



  • I am Jeanne Dart, photographer.
  • My services:
  • Online store catalog
  • New collection lookbook
  • Advertising / campaign shot
  • Content creation for SMM
  •  I work with fashion and advertising and have achieved some success in commercial shooting and also in magazine publications.
  • What am I doing:
  • Creating photographic/audiovisual projects of still life and models
  • Creating lighting schemes that guarantee photographic and video quality
  • Development of styles and photos of each session in accordance with the recommendations of the brand
  • Direction of stylist teams and models
  • Organisation of photo and video production in accordance with established deadlines
  • Production management: casting, make-up artists and third-party artists
  • Image processing and generating presets for photographic retouching and video color editing
  • Settings of photographic equipment, camera and lenses
  • Software: Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, Final Cut Pro

  • https://linktr.ee/jeannedart
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