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About us

EXANTE is a wealth tech company that provides centralized trading solutions and B2B financial infrastructure; we create value through technology. Our team is made up of more than 500 IT and finance specialists from all over the world, each contributing their own expertise to provide the highest quality of service available.

What we do

We provide direct market access and professional services to institutional investors, asset/wealth managers, brokerages, and investment funds. Our multi-asset trading platform unlocks 400,000+ instruments including stocks & ETFs, options, bonds, futures, currencies and metals. We’ve created a network of 1,100 servers across the world to ensure the lowest latencies and safe data transfers.

Our values:

  • Passion

We believe that anything is possible. We enjoy advancing ideas, creating new products, and pushing old boundaries to form different models and approaches.

  • Ownership

We learn from our mistakes and use them to develop new ideas. We run towards new challenges as we know the opportunity is often where it is least expected.

  • Change evangelist

We want to be market leaders, not followers. There is always an opportunity to make an impact.

  • Integrity

We take our commitment to giving the best service and products to our customers seriously. We honor all our promises as we know our customers rely on us and we rely on them. We value this relationship at all costs.

                                                       We believe freedom is an inherent right


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Marketing Communications Manager
Январь 2022
До сих пор с теплом вспоминаю работу в EXANTE. Здесь дают просто все: от бесплатных обедов до самой крутой техники и корпоративов за границей. Команда из самых разных городов и стран: от Питера до Лондона и Сингапура. Можно практиковать все возможные языки. Финансово очень стабильная компания. Солидная техническая экспертиза.
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