Wind4Tune - is a global HR service for remote teams. 

It consist of 4 tools:

  • Online Travel -  travel in live stream format to fill with energy  the team and give new positive emotions.The trip includes two gifts and a quiz.

  • QuizTeam - team building games are designed to create friendships, forge bonds, build skills and inspire strong team work.

  • Online Mafia - is an epic team game involving lots of strategy, skill, and persuasion.People play as a member of the mafia, police, or town. The object is eliminating the mafia before they eliminate the entire town.

  • Online Fitness - Online training with the coach to maintain a physical tone of your employees. From anywhere in the world, in real time (yoga, stretching, pilates). 

We believe that success of each company is people.
Wind4Tune creates a service that helps employees be happy and productive.

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