ООО Инноскрипта Интернешнл


ООО Инноскрипта Интернешнл

We are innoscripta, a Munich-based company which connects science with business. We transform scientific concepts and innovative ideas into real projects by introducing them to small and medium German enterprises.  

For scientists innoscripta serves as a guide into the world of business. For entrepreneurs innoscripta serves as an ambassador of science. Since 2012 we have launched more than 2000 innovative projects, hired 120 employees and developed 3 own software products. 

In 2019 we came to Saint Petersburg and opened our first international IT department. The local team creates specialized IT products which ensure smooth operation of our core departments: technical project managers and innovative consultants.

What we are developing now:

  • Internal CRM-system
  • SaaS platform for sales managers
  • Intelligent search system combined with internal database
  • SaaS platform for communication with customers

The hiring process is on, so if you want to become a part of the team, please feel free to apply!

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