NOVA Company

NOVA is an International IT-company which represents a segment of corporate software development with specialization in “expert systems”. Our products are focused on automating and improving the efficiency of business processes.

The head office of NOVA company is located in Tallinn, and the operating office Is located in St. Petersburg

The company NOVA participates in solving one of the most important problems of the modern society – information overload. We develop expert systems able to cope with information overload and adopt proper solutions in those industries where they will be implemented. 

Today, NOVA is an actively developing IT company with a clear strategic development plan for entering and staying in the pioneering echelon of the global IT market in the nearest future. 

The company is currently focused on developing the NOVA Realty, a service which provides infrastructure and tools for professional commercial activity and the key participants on the global real estate market. The platform will be presented at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

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