Я хочу тут работать


June Homes is a new venture backed homesharing company, based in New York, USA. 

In June Homes, we’re cutting monthly rental costs for people living with roommates by as much as 40% for a private room. We do this by retrofitting single and multifamily homes with prefabricated units that turn single bedrooms into two private spaces. We’re further removing financial burdens by giving tenants no-commitment leases and no upfront security deposits.

As an added bonus, we also include hotel-style amenities such as daily cleaning, Nespresso machines in the kitchens, bathroom & laundry supplies, etc. June Homes acts as a management company (not the landlord) so we don’t have any upfront cap-ex, allowing us to quickly scale to homes throughout the city. The retrofits are financed through another vehicle we set up and come out of the monthly rental fees. 


We are up to over 200 rooms over NYC and DC in just 1 year, and plan to launch Boston, SF, London in the next 6 months.

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