Roswell Tankers Corp. 

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Roswell Tankers Corp. 

Roswell Tankers Corp. (RTC) was established in January 2012. The founding members bring with them more than 30 years of experience in shipping with invaluable expertise in management and operation of Reefers, Bulk Carriers and General Cargo Ships.

Company aims to play a highly competitive and dynamic role in the international shipping industry providing quality services to major oil Companies, trading enterprises worldwide and transporting oil and chemical products around the world. We follow a visionary strategy based on new technologies, enhancement of human resources and management of our fleet in accordance with the International Standards.

RTC is now operating a fleet of 6 tankers, consisting of 2 product and 4 chemical tankers. Our ships incorporate features not only meeting but in excess of the highest international safety and environmental standards, with equipment and systems over and above the minimum Classification Societies, Flag States and industry requirements.

Company`s Safety Management System implements all the required quality, safety and environmental protection procedures.

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