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We are Alyce – a young and ambitious fast-growing start-up with the HQ office in Boston, USA. We create measurable human-to-human engagement and ROI-focused customer delight through our modern, AI-powered corporate gifting platform - Businesses use our product to catalyze their marketing and sales funnel, and engage their best prospects and customers. We aggregate corporate gifting spend to maximize marketing measurability, sales productivity and business results. And we make gift giving simple, personal and measurable. Alyce gift recipients have the power of choice to accept their gift, exchange for another, or donate the value of their gift to charity. We helps companies build real, human relationships with prospects, clients, partners, and employees through personalized gifts.

Our Mission:

Our team comes from the corporate world and have witnessed an endless number of "gifts" get thrown out or go unused. Unfortunately, we learned this happens a lot! Although we know gifts are sent with thought, most are generic and don't convey that message, going unremembered. We at Alyce see a huge opportunity to change this process and provide a platform for giving thoughtful and useful gifts each person will love. Equally as important, we aim to help businesses with similar missions gain exposure and allow people to give back to causes they care about.

We believe in our values and we are building our company around them. Here they are:

Be Better
Constantly improve yourself, your co-workers, the customer’s experience, and most importantly, the world.

Move Fast
Greatness over perfection. Don’t overcomplicate. Deliver and iterate. Be decisive. Get it done.

Take Risks 
Calculated risks create innovation. Complacency kills growth.

Be Open
Inform and be informed. Always share. Spreading and sharing knowledge leads to growth and intelligent decisions.

Deliver Results
Always choose the actions and efforts that have the highest impact on your goals and the goals of the business. Don’t be distracted. Finish what you started.

We believe in open and transparent communication within the team. We are building the environment that is open, respectful and supportive. While we all have our own preferences, personalities, objectives, and goals, we are one team that is building something great together - the solution, that delivers real results to our customers. Our differences make us collectively better.

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