Quantum Brains


Quantum Brains

Since 2006 Quantum Brains is a leading algorithmic trading firm that specializes in trading on traditional and digital markets utilizing proprietary ideas, software, and research. Quantum Brains deploys solely its own capital across 50+ trading venues. We unite high-skilled professionals, top coders, and olympiad medalists.

Our Values

We strongly believe that fundamental science and research leads to the highest results. Therefore, we draw our inspiration from the academic community and modern research and contemplate and debate theory and market observations. 

Quantum Brains combines the best of data science, market fundamentals academic research, and trading experience to deliver exceptional financial returns.

Our Products

We have laid the foundation of our market leadership throughout our technological  supremacy in the following areas:

  1. Ultra low-latency and high-throughput market data and execution software;

  2. Machine learning models for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive purposes;

  3. Arbitrage trading, market-making, and portfolio management strategies for spot and derivatives markets;

  4. Risk, liquidity, and operations management systems;

  5. Market monitoring, research, and analysis systems.

Our Team

We have built a global team of 100+ talents coming from disciplines including international and national olympiad winners and PhDs in mathematics and theoretical physics, advanced financial engineers, computer scientists, and more

In principal our team consists of 5 core squads: 

  1. Quantitative Research

  2. Machine Learning

  3. Software Engineering

  4. Strategy and Finance

  5. Operations

With our highly collaborative team, our employees will have the chance to learn and work with the best experts in the field and grow into a leader in this fast-emerging industry.

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