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О компании

Developing software is simple. Developing GOOD software with a real added value – that is a challenge not that simple.
Having its roots in the traditional telecommunication sector, TGA Systems has specialized in development of voice and data applications and is a software developing company that has been successfully rising to this challenge for the past six years. With its headquarters in strategically well-positioned Mannheim,Germany – TGA Systems offers Managed Services and Leased NGN Structure (e.g. IVR, SBC, Call-center Interconnect) and develops applications for Embedded Systems, Linux Device Drivers and customized Call-center/CTI solutions. Our company has several branches located in Romania, Lithuania, Brasil. We believe that  quality is not something that happens by chance, it is the result of careful planning, paired with innovative technology and well developed skills.

Нижегородский центр разработки

  • Небольшой коллектив энтузиастов, где виден и важен труд каждого
  • Дружеская атмосфера взаимопомощи
  • Минимум бюрократии, максимум результата
  • Гибкий график, возможность работы как в офисе, так и удаленно
  • Интересные условия оплаты труда, которые зависят от вашей квалификации
  • Оплата в соответствии с законодательством РФ