PNP Solutions 


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PNP Solutions 

IT-managing company PnP Solutions providing distant network administration to its customers in Australia and Great Britain setting up an office in Ukraine and searching for professionals with strong newtwork administration skills in the Windows Server environment and strong English communicative skills.

What distinguishes a successful company from one

that is underperforming is its ability to clearly identify

and Analyse the needs in the market place, Plan

a strategy, communicate and Manage its execution

and have systems in place to Measure the outcome.


With a solid foundation in information technology

and business management, PnP Solutions has developed the Plan ‘n Perform Methodology which

is used to assist its clients in effectively utilising business systems to improve their decision making



PnP Solutions, founded in 1996, has a dedicated

team supporting clients ranging from small businesses, to large blue chip

companies. The company is not only proud of its

technical skills, but also its strong business acumen.

  Whether PnP Solutions is working on a strategy for

a business as a whole or a specific project within

 a business division, PnP aims to assist

its clients in developing and managing a sound

IT strategy that is aligned to their overall business