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Я хочу тут работать


DWH is foucused on the delivery of high quality services to the finance, infrastructure, healthcare and communication industries.

There is no better measure of our success than a satisfied Customer. Our goal is to ensure your business success and to exceed your expectation.

DWH has an outstanding reputation in the IT industry as the leading provider of consulting services. Our approach is entirely focused on providing inovative solutions for the customer requirements.

DWH also offers the tools and expertise to make you a better professional in your field.

AT DWH we believe in a competitive and yet fun based team environment where your hard work and creativity will be rewarded.


AT DWH, we recognise our employees hard work and we intent to reward their dedication with a competitive benefit package


The benefit package include

  • Health and life benefits
  • Career Improvement/Development
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Protection Plans