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Arrival: A Better Approach Using a New Method

Founded in 2015, headquartered in the UK, and now employing over 2000 innovative minds worldwide - Arrival is a global technology company pioneering a new method of design and production of commercial electric vehicles. Our vision is to power a green transition and make our cities better places to live, by developing truly sustainable and equitable mobility ecosystems, creating clean air for communities all over the world. 


Enabled by Innovation 

Arrival’s new method is made possible through the invention of our own in-house technologies - software, hardware, components, and robotics. And through the use of Microfactories - lower cost, small footprint production facilities, that can be placed locally, serving the cities that need them.

Arrival: Georgia 

In 2022, Arrival established a new Research and Development centre in Tbilisi, Georgia. We now have over 750 employees who are working across our sites in Tbilisi, Batumi, and other Georgian cities on: Software, Automotive Electronics, Robotics, AI, Computer Vision, as well as the supporting functions for the region - Finance, Legal, Talent Experience, and Office Support.

All of our talent sourced in Russia would be relocated to one of our Georgian sites. Arrival will arrange and cover all transportation costs as well as initial accommodation - with full support from our Talent Experience Team along the way.

Reimagining Design, Assembly, and Distribution

As a tech company, we continuously innovate across every level of the business. We aim to reinvent both the product and the process together in order to reduce costs and produce zero emission vehicles and supporting platforms - to do this, we need the best talent our world can offer us, could this be you?


Our mission is to create the core systems and platforms behind Arrival’s vehicles, to enable a true ‘Plug and Play’ approach as part of our new method for designing the vehicles of the future.

In other words we create the building blocks as well as the framework to link the elements together, in a simplistic but innovative way to ensure flexible functionality and the best possible user experience.

We deliver all core systems such as Drivetrain, Battery, Charging, I/O modules, HMI, and Communication Platforms, as well as all vehicle software including AD/ADAS for Arrival’s vehicle programs.


Robotics, Microfactory Design, and Mobile Robotics make up Arrival’s Robofacturing Department, below you can learn more about what each function does.



The Robotics Team's main goal is to create distributed fault-tolerant middleware. This will coordinate all the robotic operations in the factory - from the interaction between a robotic arm and various sensors, to the projection of requirements onto the real distributed sequence of actions performed by robots.

Microfactory Design: 

The Microfactory Design Team is responsible for planning, designing, and simulating processes for Robofacturing. They take the concept of robotic assembly and look at the bigger picture of realistic integration - alongside the conception of our facility layouts, and the step-by-step manufacturing processes, to ensure optimum efficiency at every stage. 

Mobile Robotics: 

The Mobile Robotics Team is developing an industry-first reconfigurable ecosystem of collaborative Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) that will be deployed in all Arrival microfactories, worldwide. The team develops in-house most of the technologies included in the robot architecture, including high-performance controllers, motors, batteries, mechanical structure, interfaces, safety systems, on-board and mission control software, perception algorithms, autonomous navigation system, and simulators.


The Digital department's mission is to provide ultimate efficiency and the best possible user experience for Arrival’s customers. Presently, Digital consists of multiple sub-groups, below you can learn more about what each function does. 


Web and Trade: 

The Web and Trade group is responsible for our digital interactions with customers, suppliers, and investors through our various web systems, such as the Trade Platform or Supply Hub.


The Mobility group targets all kinds of digital use-cases for vehicle owners. This includes the vehicle’s mobile apps, web portal for fleets, and an integration API for those customers or partners who prefer to automate their processes.

Move App + Fleet:

The Move App group supports Arrival’s customers with daily operations for Van or Car, whereas the Fleet group helps to manage daily routines for big fleets of Arrival Vans or Buses.


The Enterprise group is responsible for developing systems and tools for our own business processes to ensure and maintain efficiency.


The IT group maintains the entirety of Arrival’s infrastructure - from our cloud environments, computing and connectivity hardware, to every laptop or printer on site.

Service Platform

The Service Platform Team creates holistic software solutions aimed at digitalising all aspects of the after-sales life of Arrival vehicles - from automated fault discovery and prediction, to service planning, dispatching, execution, and analysis.

Central Functions

We’ve rebalanced our non-engineering and non-robofacturing functions to become more efficient in our go-to market strategy and back-office operations. 

Our Central Teams are now composed of Corporate Development, Talent Experience, Finance, Legal, Sales, Aftersales, and Marketing into this new structure with shared responsibility for delivering the company strategic guidance, managing cash flow and investments, and using data-driven decisions to scale the business.

Follow Our Journey 

If you’d like to follow our journey in creating a clean, circular, and equitable future, you can do so here: 

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