Эвергрин Шиппинг Эйдженси (Рашиа) Лимитед

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Эвергрин Шиппинг Эйдженси (Рашиа) Лимитед

Evergreen Shipping Agency (Russia) Limited is an international company, Russian office representing interests of the liner container service of Evergreen.

Evergreen is one of the biggest world liner carriers with the history dating back to 1968. Evergreen Line undertakes to maintain all of the services currently operated and develop new trades to meet worldwide customer demands with the values expressed by EVERGREEN GROUP Chairman Dr.Y. F. Chang:

"We will not wait for legislation to be introduced. We will use the latest technology as soon as it is available so as to minimize the impact of container shipping operations both on marine life, on port communities and on humanity worldwide."

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